Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be tested?

In most paternity cases, a specimen is collected from the mother, child, and alleged father. Single parent-child identifications are also performed. In cases where the mother is not tested, the child's custodian must authorize testing if the alleged father does not have custody of the tested child. A father's name on a birth certificate or a child's last name does not automatically give custody to the father.

Is there an age requirement?

DNA Parentage Testing may be performed at any age. The accuracy of the test is not affected by the age of the child or fetus tested.

What do clients need to bring tot he appointment?

Strict chain-of-custody procedures will be followed and Polaroid photographs will be taken of all persons at the time of sample collection. Adults present for sample collection must bring a photo ID (Driver's License) and payment for the collection of samples. Children present for sample collection must have their Birth Certificate, Social Security Card (if available) or their Crib Card.

Must everyone's samples be collected at the same time?

No. Samples may be collected at different times. However, we recommend that whenever possible, it is best that samples are collected at the same time or day.

Court-Admissible Results For:

  • Social Service
  • Family Services
  • Court Cases
  • Paternity Cases
  • Self (Want to Know) Cases


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